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    Australian Lotto 6/45

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    Play Australian Lotto 6/45

    Play Australia's oldest national lottery of its kind! Select 6 numbers from 1-45 for a chance to win jackpots up to A$40 million!

    Make Saturday Your Lucky Day!

    Drawn in Melbourne every Saturday at 8:30PM AEST… you have to be in it, to win it!

    42% Easier to Win

    Due to its smaller range of numbers, it’s easier to win the jackpot compared to the standard 6/49 lotteries!

    Best of Luck!

    Jackpots up for grabs start at A$5 million…and all winnings are Australian tax-free!

    Quick Facts

    Australian Lotto 6/45 Record Jackpot

    A$40 Million


    6 lucrative prize categories

    Draw Format

    6 winning numbers and 2 bonus numbers are drawn from a field of 1 to 45.

    Draw Days

    Every Saturday at 8:30pm AEST in Melbourne

    Cut-Off Time

    18 hours before draw to purchase a ticket

    6 Prize Categories

    The table below details the different prize tiers and estimated prize returns based on average payouts.

    Prize Structure
    Prize Categories
    Average Payout*
    Prize Structure
    Match 6
    Prize Category
    Average Payout*
    Prize Structure
    Match 5 + either bonus
    Prize Category
    Second Prize
    Average Payout*
    Prize Structure
    Match 5
    Prize Category
    Third Prize
    Average Payout*
    Prize Structure
    Match 4
    Prize Category
    Fourth Prize
    Average Payout*
    Prize Structure
    Match 3 + either bonus
    Prize Category
    Fifth Prize
    Average Payout*
    Prize Structure
    Match 3
    Prize Category
    Sixth Prize
    Average Payout*

    * based on 2021 results

    Why Play?

    Play Australian Lotto 6/45

    Established in 1972, the Australian Lotto 6/45 was adopted nationwide in 2013. Choose 6 numbers out of a smaller field of 45 numbers (instead of the more common 49!) for a chance to win prizes up to A$40 Million!

    Drawn Every Saturday Night

    And you only need to match the six main numbers to snag the jackpot prize…and all winnings are Australian tax-free!

    With such favorable odds

    ...luck is on your side choosing to play this historic lottery!

    Good Luck Mate!

    We’re here to help you get in on the chance to win life changing prizes!