23 Reasons to Play Lotto Online

Discover 23 reasons why you should switch to playing on Lotto Express.

23 Reasons to play the lottery online.

Have you ever played the lottery online?

The last 2 years have seen a surge in players embracing the benefits of online lottery. 

Perhaps, this is because of COVID-19 lockdowns across the globe which forced lottery players to look at alternative ways of playing. 

Whatever the reason, online play has gone up and stayed up. 

Lottery players love playing lottery games online and there are many lucky winners! 

Are you a lotto player?

Keep reading to discover why millions of players, just like you… 

…have switched to playing lottery games on a website.

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1) Bigger Jackpots 

When you play on a website, you get access to the world’s biggest jackpots. 

As you know, lottery jackpots vary in size, depending on how many times they have rolled over. 

Playing on Lotto Express gives you access to a range of international lotteries, and YOU have the freedom to hunt down the biggest jackpots on the planet. 

If you had the chance to win a £2 million jackpot in one country or a €20 million jackpot in another… 

…which lottery draw would you choose to play?

On the Lotto Express website, you have a chance to find a lottery with a huge jackpot and win mega millions. 

Playing online lets you hunt for the biggest jackpots.
If you’re going to get lucky, win big!

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2) Better Odds of Winning a Prize  

Did you know that not all lotteries have the same odds? 

That’s right! It is harder to pick the winning numbers on some lotteries. 

When you play online, you can take control and find a lottery draw that has the odds that YOU want to play. 

A very popular lottery on Lotto Express is the French Lotto where the overall odds of winning a prize are 1 in 6. 

That’s the same as rolling a dice! 

Read this article on How To Win the French Lottery for more information.

Play online and find lotteries with better odds of winning a prize.
Find a lottery with the odds you like.

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3) Access to More Lotteries

Lots of players are choosing to spread their luck and play multiple lotteries in different countries on the same day. 

If the EuroMillions and Oz Lotto were both to have a huge rollover jackpot on the Tuesday draw… 

…wouldn’t you want a lottery ticket for both? 

Access to more lotteries online.
Play lotteries in countries around the world.

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4) Wider Selection of Lottery Games 

Playing lotteries from around the world is exciting because they are all different games and have different rules. 

Did you know that the French Lotto draw includes a bonus raffle for 10 prizes of €20,000? 

If you play 3 times a week, you get a chance to win these weekly cash prizes every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Would you like one bonus ball or two? 

Choose between the Irish Lotto (1 bonus ball) and the Oz Lotto (2 bonus balls) to find a style of game you love playing.

Lotto Express offer a hand-picked selection of international lotteries with different game rules for you to play. 

Have you ever heard this Earnest Hemingway quote? 

“You make your own luck!” 

Take the time now to find the exciting weekly lottery draw that matches your playing style… 

…and you will really look forward to playing every week. 

Play a wider selection of lottery games online.
Find a style of game that you love!

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5) Lottery Draws 5 Days A Week  

Lotto Express offer a range of exciting lotteries from around the world with opportunities to play for jackpots 5 days a week. 

Play online on Lotto Express for a chance to win the jackpot almost every day. 

Play online for entry into more draws every week.
Online Lotto gives you more chances to win each week.

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6) More Affordable 

Playing online gives you access to affordable lotteries like the Oz Lotto

Don’t worry, you don’t need a long-distance plane ticket to play! 

With the internet literally at your fingertips, you can play the Oz Lotto draw from your smartphone… 

…making Lotto Express a truly affordable way of playing exciting international lotteries. 

Enter more affordable lotteries.
Find a lottery that you can afford to play more often.

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7) Expats Can Stay in the Game 

When players move to live in another country, they often give up playing their native lottery draw… 

…but it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Lotto Express help expats around the world keep playing on their favourite lotteries. 

Some of our expat players make it a weekly tradition to jump on a zoom with their friends and family on results day. 

Playing the same lottery as your friends and families is a great way to keep in touch with the people closest to you… 

…contribute to local good causes in your community and share the excitement of winning prizes. 

If you are an expat, give Lotto Express a call and we’ll help you set up a lottery syndicate on your native lottery.

A lottery website that is perfect for expats.
Keep playing your favourite lottery.

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8) Play Anytime, Anywhere 

All you need to play on Lotto Express is an internet-connected device such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop. 

Whether you are chilling on the sofa, relaxing on vacation or on your lunch break at work… 

…you can play your favourite lotteries on Lotto Express 24/7.

For extra speed, Lotto Express offer to quick pick numbers so that you can play in just one click.

Play the lottery online from the comfort of your home.
All you need is the internet to play lotto online.

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9) No More Waiting 

Life moves at such a fast pace and you shouldn’t have to waste your time waiting to play the lottery. 

On Lotto Express you will always be first in line to play and you will never be met by closed doors. 

The site is powered by super-fast servers that can handle 1000s of players… 

…and this means you will never have to wait in a queue behind another player. 

With 24/7 opening hours and 99.989% uptime, the site is always open for you to play – day or night. 

Play online at Lotto Express and never wait to play the lottery ever again. 

Be first in line to play the lotto online.
Save time by playing online.

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10) Pay By Credit Card or Debit Card 

Fewer and fewer people are using cash around the world. 

Are you still withdrawing money from an ATM in order to play the lottery? 

Never fear! 

When you play on Lotto Express you can pay by Visa or MasterCard… 

…giving you the control to play and pay in the way that you want. 

When you play the lotto online you can pay by card.
Life keeps getting easier when you play online.

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11) Rules Fully Explained 

Remember back to the first time you ever played the lottery. 

Did you know: 

+ all of the rules? 

+ the odds of winning a prize? 

+ the breakdown of the prize categories? 

When you play online on Lotto Express, all of this information (and the lottery cost) is clearly laid out for you to read… 

…and if you need help then you can contact Lotto Express and chat with a friendly personal account manager. 

Everything is clearly outlined and you don’t have to worry about inaccurate prize details. 

For your benefit, Lotto Express phone numbers are toll-free, and you are welcome to request a reverse-charges call. 

Online lottery websites make playing really easy.
Read All of the Rules Online

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12) COVID-19 Safe 

Your health and safety is the most important thing in the world. 

Playing online at Lotto Express provides you with a safe way to play the lottery without risking exposure to COVID-19. 

Protect yourself and your loved ones – play online. 

Playing online keeps you safe from COVID-19.
Prioritise your health – play online.


13) Fully Licensed 

Lotto Express provides the highest standards of protection in online gambling. 

In the spirit of transparency, you can read the full Lotto Express commitment to responsible gambling online. 

Lotto Express is fully licensed and regulated… 

…and offers you the safest, most reliable way to play lotteries online. 

Lotto Express is fully licensed and regulated.
Lotto Express offers the highest standard of protection.

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14) Your Lotto Tickets Will Be 100% Safe 

Playing local lotteries carries a risk that you could accidentally make a mistake that costs you a jackpot win. 

How many times have you: 

+ put your ticket in the wash? 

+ torn your paper ticket? 

+ lost/misplaced your ticket? 

You don’t need this burden of responsibility in your life… 

…after all, we’re all human and mistakes happen! 

When you play on a lottery website, your ticket will be 100% safe and you will never risk missing a jackpot win again! 

Playing online means that you don't have to worry about keeping your ticket safe.
Playing online takes away the stress of paper tickets.

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15) No More Expiry Dates

In 2019, a EuroMillions ticket purchased in the UK expired before the owner claimed the jackpot prize of £41million! 

This is one of the largest unclaimed EuroMillions prizes ever! 

Whilst you may not have missed out on a jackpot win… 

…you have probably experienced a ticket expiring before you have had a chance to cash it in for the prize money. 

When you play on Lotto Express, the prize money is automatically transferred to your account. 

Play online and you’ll never have to worry about the closing date for your weekly draw ever again. 

Never miss the deadline for cashing in a prize ever again.
Never miss claiming a prize if you play online.

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16) Never Miss A Prize Win 

All of our players love receiving prize alerts in their emails. 

“Congratulations! You have winnings in your Lotto Express account.” 

The alerts take the stress out of checking the numbers every draw and ensure that you don’t miss a prize ever again. 

You will receive an email notification every time you are a prize winner on Lotto Express

Receive helpful email notifications when you win a prize.
Never miss a prize again!

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17) Manage Your Finances 

When you play lotteries for a long time, it can be hard to track all of your spendings and winnings. 

Do you know: 

+ how much you have spent? 

+ how much you have won? 

When you play on Lotto Express, your entire purchase history can be accessed in your account… 

…making it easy to stay on top of your finances and track your winnings. 

Play smart – play online. 

Your Lotto Express account helps you track your winnings.
Helping you track your online lotto winnings.

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18) A Safer Way to Play 

Would you feel safe collecting a large win and walking home with that amount of cash in your pocket? 

When you win a prize on Lotto Express, you do not have to go in person to claim the prize. 

Lotto Express claim the prize on your behalf, making the whole process stress free. 

The money is simply transferred straight into your Lotto Express website account. 

This is the safest way to play the lottery. 

Playing lotto online is a safer way to play the lottery.
Lotto Express collect the prize on your behalf.

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19) Keep Your Private Life Private

Playing the lottery online means that you can keep your private life… 

…well, private! 

Lotto Express gives you a way to play in private, away from any nosey busybodies. 

Play the lottery in private.
Play Online and Protect Your Privacy

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20) Remain Anonymous 

Are you ready to handle the hassle of the local journalists and long lost acquaintances who will appear out of the woodwork when you win the jackpot? 

If you don’t want this stress, you can play online and choose to celebrate your jackpot win in private. 

When you play on the Lotto Express website, you can decline to share your details. 

This means that when you win the jackpot, you will remain anonymous and avoid all of the stalkers and freeloaders. 

If you win the jackpot online, you can choose to remain anonymous.
Celebrate your jackpot win in private.


21) Discounts On Price

When you create an account on the Lotto Express website, you will gain exclusive access to discounted lottery rates. 

For example, there is currently an Express Deal running on the “10 To Win” system for the French Lottery. 

You can get 10 lines on the French Lotto draw for almost half price and you are guaranteed to win a prize!

This puts Lotto Express head and shoulders above the competition! 

Get discounts and bonuses when you play the lottery online.
Exclusive Deals only Available Online

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22) Exclusive Promotional Draw and Raffles 

Lotto Express works tirelessly to provide players around the world with reasons to play online. 

Regular Lotto Express website players are invited to take part in exclusive members-only raffles. 

These raffles are favourites with entrants because they have awesome prizes and realistic odds of winning. 

You can see these raffles as a little thank you for playing on Lotto Express

Online lotteries give you exclusive draws and raffles.
Get access to draws only available to online players.

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23) Special Treats

When you play on Lotto Express, you have to enter your date of birth to verify your age. 

Without spoiling the surprise, your date of birth also helps us know when your birthday is… 

…and you like getting birthday treats, right? 

Lotto Express reward regular website players with special treats to thank them for playing. 

Special treats for online lottery players.
Regular online players receive special treats.

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