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French Lotto Exciting Facts

Jackpots up to €36 million

The French lottery jackpot increases by one million euros every time it rolls over.

The jackpots get large quickly and this makes the French Lotto one of the most exciting lotteries to play.

The french lottery has jackpots of up to €36 million.
A chance to win life-changing jackpots (€36 million)

Play the French Lottery

Bonus Raffle Draw with 10 Prizes of €20,000 

Each ticket in the French lotto is entered into a separate raffle at no additional cost.

This gives you the opportunity to win one of the guaranteed €20,000 prizes available to 10 lucky people.

Bonus Raffle Draw with 10 Prizes of €20,000

Play the French Lottery

3 Chances to Win a Jackpot Every Week

The French Loto has 3 draws every week.

This gives you a chance to win the jackpot every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

The French Lottery gives you more chances a week to win than any other lotto…

…and more draws mean regular rollovers and bigger jackpots.

Play the French lottery 3 times a week on the Lotto Express
3 Chances to Win a Jackpot Every Week

Play the French Lottery

1 in 6 Odds to Win a Prize

If you like winning a lot, the French Lottery is the choice for you.

The overall odds of winning a prize are 1 in 6. Just like rolling a dice.

This gives you a better chance of winning a prize than any other major lotto ticket in the world.

Play the French lottery online for a 1 in 6 chance
of winning a prize.
Incredible 1 in 6 Odds to Win a Prize

Play the French Lottery

The Most Popular Lottery on Lotto Express 

The data speaks for itself!

The French Lotto is the most popular game on Lotto Express.

1000s more players are playing the French Lottery than any other.

What are you waiting for?

The French Loto is the most popular lottery on Lotto Express.
The Most Popular Lottery on Lotto Express

Play the French Lottery

Play the French Lotto with Lotto Express

Lotto Express is a new online service that makes playing big jackpot lotteries easy.

Customers are at the heart of Lotto Express and every jackpot win feels like a win for our team too.

Lotto Express offer unique systems that create more prize winners.
Lotto Express will Help You Produce Wins

The primary role of Lotto Express is creating lottery systems that help players produce wins.

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Players just like you from all around the world are switching to Lotto Express and ditching the traditional “never win” lotteries.

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If you play on Lotto Express, you win more prizes.

Lotto Express is committed to helping players win more…

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This research is combined with maths modelling to create even better systems, helping players like you win even more prizes.

Cutting edge research helps players win more prizes on the French Loto.
Cutting Edge Research Helps Players Win More

You can trust Lotto Express

The lotteries available on Lotto Express have been handpicked by a team of lotto experts.

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Lotto Express is a great way to play the French lottery from any country in the world.
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Interested in prizes every draw?

Lotto Express offers a unique system for the French Lottery with a prize warranty.

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Lotto Express offer unique strategies that have already delivered huge pay outs.

If you want a winning edge, you have to play the French Lottery on Lotto Express.

If you want to win a prize every time you play, you can play the Lotto Express “10 to Win” system for the French Lottery.

If you play the "10 to Win" system on the French Lottery then you will win a prize every time you play.

You Can Win Prizes Every Time You Play

Play the French Lottery "10 to Win"

Keep reading to find out about the Lotto Express winners who missed out on the jackpot by just 1 number.

Gigantic Prizes on Lotto Express

One of the very first players to use Lotto Express got an incredible result.

Within a month of launch, a player in New Zealand used a Lotto Express system that missed out on the $20,000,000 AUD jackpot by just one number.

The following month, two more players using Lotto Express systems also won big.

They also narrowly missed out on huge jackpots by just one number.

One player used a system that was one number away from a jackpot of €13,514,511…

…and the other used a different system that was one number short of a $20,000,000 AUD jackpot.

Would you like to win the French lottery on Lotto Express?
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Just 1 number short of $20,000,000…

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Imagine the feeling when you check the French Loto results and find out that you are a winner.
Enjoy Winning a Prize Every Time You Play

Play the French Lottery "10 to Win"

How to Play the French Lottery

The French Loto has been making millionaires since 1976.

To win the jackpot, you have to pick 5 winning numbers and 1 winning chance number.

You have to select 5 winning numbers from a field of 1 to 49…

…and 1 chance (lucky) number from a separate field of 1 to 10.

The French Lotto draw has 10 lucrative prize categories which increase in value as you match more numbers.

In addition to the main draw, your ticket(s) will be entered into a separate raffle at no additional cost.

This raffle has 10 guaranteed prizes of €20,000 every draw, giving you more chances to win.

You can play the French Lottery three times a week – every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

If the jackpot is not won, it rolls over to the next draw and increases the jackpot of the next draw by €1 million.

This means that you get the opportunity to win bigger jackpots the more you play.

Winning the French Lottery will change your life. You won't win unless you play.
Win a Life Changing Amount on the French Loto

Play the French Lottery "10 to Win"

Enormous jackpots on the French Loto.

Did you know that the largest ever France Loto jackpot win was worth an enormous €24 million?

This life changing amount was won by a ticket holder in June 2011.

If you buy a single ticket for the French lottery, your overall odds are better than 1 in 6.

Do you want even better odds of winning a prize?

Lotto Express have designed a system that gives you a 100% chance of winning a prize. 

Keep reading to find out more.

The Lotto Express “10 to Win” System for the French Lottery

“10 to Win” is a unique system for the French lottery developed by Lotto Express.

Inspired by the feedback of players who want to experience the feeling of a win every week…

…the “10 to Win” system ensures that you win a prize every single draw! 

Based on maths modelling, this system buys all the chance (lucky) numbers in a series of 10 tickets.

This is a no miss system for the French Lottery and you will always win a cash prize.

In addition, every time you play this system, you will get 10 chances to win the main jackpot…

…and 10 raffle tickets for the 10 guaranteed €20,000 prizes.

Lotto Express offer a cash prize warranty for all players who play the French Loto using the 10 to Win system.

Play the French Lottery "10 to Win"

45% discount available today!

Did you know that playing lottery systems will give you a steadier stream of prizes compared to playing with the same number of random tickets?

The Lotto Express “10 to Win” system is a great starting point if you are new to playing lottery systems.

It is easy to play, and it allows you to chase the jackpot and get lots of prizes along the way.

Not only is the “10 to Win” system the lowest cost way of winning a prize every draw…

…but right now, Lotto Express are offering you a staggering 45% discount on this system.

You can play the “10 to Win” system for only €29.99 a draw (usually €55).

At this price, you can buy almost twice as many tickets as a regular player.

This is a limited time offer, so take advantage now.

A steadier stream of prizes feels great as you know that you will never walk away with no prize winning tickets ever again.
Would You Like a Steadier Stream of Prizes?

Play the French Lottery "10 to Win"

More Systems for Playing the French Lottery with Bigger Prizes

Do you want to win bigger prizes every single draw?

In addition to the “10 to Win” system on the Lotto Express website, Lotto Express offer a range of custom systems…

…for players who want to win bigger prizes every draw.

Unique wheeling systems and syndicates are available to players for the French Lottery.

These systems are available through a personal account manager.

If you want to win bigger prizes every draw on the French lottery, speak to an account manager now.

Call an Account Manager Now

Personal Account Manager for French Lottery

Lotto Express have a team of personal account managers for the French lottery.

This team of friendly advisors will help you play more big jackpot draws.

You can share your goals and they will help you with a personalised strategy.

For example, some players only want to play the French Loto when the jackpot reaches a certain amount.

Their account manager will get in touch when the jackpot hits this level.

This can be really useful because you don’t get a lot of notice in lotteries, and it is easy to miss big jackpots.

Your Lotto Express account manager can help you join a players group.

This will give you access to special deals, rollover emails and all of the lottery notifications that you want.

Looking for help to find the best way to play the French Lottery?

Speak to a personal account manager today.

A Lotto Express Personal Account Manager for French Lottery
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History of the French Lottery

France was the first country in modern history to have a lottery.

The First French Lottery

In 1539, King Francis 1 of France organised the first ever French Lottery.

It was called the Loterie Royale and it turned out to be a disaster because the tickets were too expensive.

Shortly after, the French Lottery was forbidden, and France did not have a lottery for almost 200 years.

The Return of the French Lottery

Lotteries returned to France in the 18th Century and became a part of everyday French life.

Unfortunately for the French government (who ran the lotteries), there was a flaw in the system.

In 1729, two people, an author (Voltaire) and a mathematician (Charles Marie de La Condamine), discovered this flaw.

Together, they developed a system that exploited a loophole in the French Lottery.

Their scheme left Voltaire with unimaginable winnings of half a million Francs!

Voltaire created a revolutionary system that generated huge wins on the French Lottery.
Voltaire Used a System to Get Unimaginable Winnings!

Play the French Lottery "10 to Win"

The French Loto of Today

The first draw of French Lotto in its current form was in 1976. 

It is run by Française des Jeux (FDJ), which loosely translated means “The French Company of Games”.

The French Lotto is the first French Lottery to be available online to players all over the world.

Lotto Express are following in the footsteps of Voltaire.

A team of lottery experts are using complex mathematical models to create systems…

…that help you win prizes on the French Lottery every draw.

Get started and play today.

Bonne chance!

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