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Frequently Asked Questions

What is LottoExpress?

LottoExpress is a reselling agency that connects you to the world’s biggest and most popular lotteries. When you play with LottoExpress, you have the opportunity to play lotteries from all over the world, rather than just your local or domestic lotteries.

What are the advantages of using LottoExpress?

When you use LottoExpress, you have the advantage of playing from the comfort and security of your own home. Also your information is kept secure at the highest standard of protection in online gaming.

Does LottoExpress play the lottery for me?

While LottoExpress offers a QuickPick option to select lottery numbers for you, we don’t actually play the lottery for you—we just buy the tickets for you on your behalf so you can play.

What laws and regulating bodies are LottoExpress subject to?

LottoExpress follows all applicable international gaming laws .

Who is eligible to play lotteries through LottoExpress?

Our services are available in many countries to those aged 18 or over; however, guidelines prohibit us from offering services to residents of the following countries:

  • Afghanistan
  • Canada
  • China
  • Congo, Democratic Republic
  • Georgia
  • Guinea-Bissau
  • Lebanon
  • Liberia
  • Libya
  • Liechtenstein
  • Marshall Islands
  • Micronesia
  • Netherlands
  • Nigeria
  • Palau
  • Somalia
  • Switzerland
  • United States of America

Who owns LottoExpress?

LottoExpress is privately owned and operated by International Multi-Media Entertainments Limited. The company is located in the Isle of Man. International Multi-Media Entertainments Limited was established in 2013 and is operated by experienced professionals with over 25 years of gaming lottery knowledge and experience.

Can I play lotteries based in other countries?

Yes, that’s the best part about LottoExpress. You don’t have to be a resident of the country featuring the lottery you’re playing the lottery in; you don’t even need to travel there, as we do it all here online for you.

Is it legal to purchase tickets in other countries?

LottoExpress provide international lottery tickets to consumers all over the world. We provide a legal, responsible lottery reselling service to our customers. When you register and use our service, we are buying the lottery ticket(s) on your behalf.

Is my information secure?

Be assured that the security of your personal information is of the utmost importance to us. When you register with LottoExpress, your information is encrypted by the industry-standard SSL encryption technology.

How do I play with LottoExpress?

For a step-by-step description of how to play with LottoExpress, see our How it Works section.

How do I checkout and confirm my order?

After you’ve made your picks, you will be prompted to login to your account by using your email and password or create an account if you are a new user. If you are creating a new account, the sign-up process is super easy and we’ll guide you step by step. Next, a secure checkout page shows a summary of the games you selected, with the option to make any changes you’d like, as well as a payment section. After reviewing your selections, enter your payment details. The simplest way to pay is with credit or debit card; you can contact customer service for other payment options. As soon as your payment is received, we’ll send you a confirmation email summarizing your order. LottoExpress will then purchase the tickets from an authorised national lottery corporate reseller agent on your behalf; you’ll get another confirmation email from us once your ticket has been purchased, including the number and the draw date. You are now officially in the draw.

Can I choose my own numbers?

Yes you can! Choose the QuickPick feature, which will pre-populate all number fields by using our unique random-number generator, or you can enter your own specific number combinations. It’s completely up to you.

So, what exactly is QuickPick?

QuickPick is a random-number generator that selects the numbers on your ticket for you. For example, if you want to play the Canadian 6/49 using QuickPick, six numbers will be randomly chosen on your behalf.

How can I find out the lottery results?

LottoExpress will post all lottery results on our site the moment that the official draw results are announced. You can click here to go directly to the results page or sign-up to receive weekly lottery results by email.

How do I know if I won?

If it’s your lucky day, LottoExpress will contact you directly via email. You can also sign-up to receive weekly lottery results by email or check the results page , where we post the most recent draw’s official results.

How do I get paid if I win a jackpot?

If you pull off the big one and win a lottery jackpot, we collect the winnings for you as stipulated by the lottery you've won—either in a lump sum or annual payments—and then release it to you via your preferred method of payment.

Does LottoExpress take a share of my winnings or charge any fees to receive my wins?

Nope! LottoExpress does not deduct commission or charge fees for any wins.

Do I have to pay taxes if I win a prize?

It depends on the country where you live and from which country your lottery ticket(s) were purchased. Please contact your local qualified tax adviser with any tax-related enquiries.

When do lottery draws take place?

Depending on which lottery you’re playing, the time, day of the week and frequency will vary. Check the list of lottery draws here for the exact draw information.

What exactly is a combo?

A combo is a package of tickets for different lotteries. Depending on how many games you’d like to play, there is probably a combo for you! Click here to see some of the combos we have to offer.

What is the deadline to purchase a ticket for a draw?

For most draws, the deadline to purchase tickets is approximately 12 hours in advance. Deadlines for purchasing tickets are listed in the "Learn More" sections of each Lottery.

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