Here are this weekend's recommended lottery plays...

Weekend Lottery Roundup

Fortunes are everywhere in this week’s array of thrilling lottery opportunities waiting to be explored. The stakes are soaring with American Jackpots reaching unprecedented heights. Brace yourselves too for the much-anticipated Euromillions Superdraw and Australian Superdraw.

Lotto Express is an exhilarating hub of jackpot anticipation right now.

American Powerball and Mega Mega Millions keep climbing

The rise of American Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots knows no bounds. Both major lotteries boast colossal jackpots surpassing the half-billion-dollar mark.

Could this be the week that sees the American Mega Millions jackpot claimed? Act swiftly to secure your chance at the staggering $792 Million jackpot this Friday night.

And don’t overlook Saturday’s American Powerball jackpot, poised for a new winner at any given moment, offering a tantalizing $600 million jackpot prize.

Australian Superdraw is here!

The much-awaited Australian Superdraw is upon us, with the Australia 6/45 draw scheduled for March 16, promising a guaranteed jackpot of $20 Million.

In contrast to regular draws, the pre-scheduled Australian Superdraw ensures a minimum guaranteed jackpot, irrespective of any carryover from preceding draws.

With only 45 numbers to choose from, this is an extraordinary opportunity to seize a life-changing prize. Don’t let it slip through your fingers.

Euromillions Superdraw Super Jackpot

On the other side of the world meanwhile, tickets for the pre-announced March 15 Euromillions Superdraw are available at Lotto Express, offering a staggering guaranteed €130 million jackpot.

Don’t miss your chance to partake in the excitement; play for the Euromillions Superdraw jackpot today.

Wishing everybody the best of luck on your weekend plays.