The Next Australian Superdraw is Announced!

The Countdown is ON!

Get ready for an exciting and potentially life-changing experience in the upcoming Australian Superdraw. The draw takes place March 16 – giving you the perfect opportunity to participate and have a chance for the incredible $20 million jackpot.

Australian Superdraws occur only six or seven times per calendar year, adding to the excitement and anticipation. The March 16 Division 1 jackpot will be an astounding $20 million – promising life-changing winnings for the fortunate winner(s).

What is the Australian Superdraw?

It’s an extraordinary event featuring a special SUPER-SIZED minimum jackpot guarantee. Unlike regular draws, this Australian Superdraw offers a minimum guaranteed jackpot of $20 million regardless of whether there was a carryover from the preceding draw of Australia’s Saturday Lotto.

Australian Superdraw = Super Jackpot + Super Odds.

The equation is simple: One of the remarkable features of the Saturday Lotto in Australia is the limited pool of numbers to choose from—only 45 balls. This makes the odds of winning the Division 1 Jackpot Prize statistically easier compared to major lotteries worldwide. It’s a rare opportunity to play a 6/45 lottery with a $20 million jackpot!

With a variety of prize divisions and enticing odds, the Saturday Lotto offers an engaging and rewarding experience for players. Whether you’re aiming for the Division 1 Jackpot or seeking to win in one of the lower divisions, there are multiple opportunities to be a winner.

Australia’s Saturday Lotto

For over 50 years, the Saturday Lotto has been a regular fixture on the Australian Lottery Calendar. The game format has remained the same since July 6th, 1985, with 8 balls drawn at random from a pool of 45.

The first 6 balls drawn represent the “winning numbers,” while the last two numbers are the “supplementary numbers.” Matching all 6 winning numbers awards the Division 1 Jackpot prize, but there are 6 separate prize divisions available to be won by matching different combinations.

It’s a beloved tradition. The March 16 Saturday Lotto offers something truly special—a guaranteed Jackpot of $20 million or more. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this thrilling event and aim for the life-changing Division 1 Jackpot Prize.